If you have not tasted Sindhri yet, let me know I will send you some despite I am not present in Pakistan. My nana (who migrated from india to pakistan) told me that Anwar ratol had its origin from indian town called ratol. It grows mostly in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka – Eight percent of mango growing area produces Alphonso. @Awais Ali Yes because men may come and men may go but MAN GOES on forever ! Loved the article! @Marghoob A. Siddiqui Very minutely would mean what? And that's the name it carries at its roots? I have stayed in Bombay Bangalore, Delhi and Bhubaneswar and eaten variety of Mangoes. Happy Mango season to all. But please never ever think of comparing any mango with Anwar Ratol, miles apart. We need to settle those all-important question on the best mango variety. Didn't you read about the battle of Chausa. From Goa, the Alphonso mango travelled to different places like Ratnagiri, other Konkan region and southern side of India as well. Living in middle east, having tried mangoes from all over the world, I am pretty confident in not accepting this claim. The best version of which is called Gulab Jamun. Pakistan is a place where I have my roots and some very dear friends. In the words of Ghalib………`Gudhay he to aaam nahi khatay. Eat what you like. Request to my fellow Indians and Pakistanis, send one box of each variety at my home. I've tried one of the famous mango of India " hapoos" the taste was really good and different. Hindu mangoes taste as delicious as Islamic mangoes. Soft flesh that melts in your mouth, compared to the fibery, chewy, over rated alphonso. Lots of mango flowers dropped in the hailstorms we experienced in western India.... still some good quality has found its way to the market, If we are trying to compete in a subtle way..... a neutral judge be appointed...... let the world know what the best mangoes come from these two countries. Mango Canada is a new initiative from the renowned Toronto’s Import & Export Team. Dasheri might be sweeter. :):):), Hi Shivam, There should be no debate on Mangoes. This was nurtured to its present state by generations of mango growers since Qutub Shahi kingdom. But I censored the thought lest I betray my loyalty to the Malihabadi Dasheri. Being a truthful Indian, i have to say,Pakistani mangoes are the best and are commonly alluded to as ' Honey sweet'. Andhra, Telangana, parts of Karnataka, parts of Orissa and Karnataka are proud of Banginapalli, Nuzividu Rasam. Well intended and humorous article . Living abroad, I have eaten a lot of mangoes from Mexican to Thailand (worst) to Indian to Pakistani - and I can tell - its not even a fair competition - Pakistani Mangoes are 100 times better than any other I have every tasted. Quality Available: for me it is the best, few people also call it langra . very clear :). Mango Achaar - Punjabi Style and the surprisingly awesome Madras Pickle. Now, the Alphonso has its merits, but across the country there are varieties that deserve to be savoured. So, the mango on whose basis Pakistanis claim their mango superiority, even that is from India. By the way food fights are the best . The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates worldwide mango production at 42 million metric tons in 2012. Although There`s hardly any vareity of mangoes in the world not growing in India. I am sure the best mangoes from both nations are mouth-wateringly tasty. Bailey's Marvel: United States: Banganapalli: Andhra Pradesh, India: The largest volume mango cultivar in the world, this medium-large fruit ripens to a golden-yellow exterior and … Get Best Quote. We do understand you feeling and affiliation first with India and second with Indian mangoes. LOL. its not that only pakistan has chausa. My indian friends also envy the PANGO (Pakistani Mango). How would you market it ? Ask Almarai, why they make mango juice from Indian mangoes only? its out of this world when eaten ripe. well i am working with an independent analysis firm.and we have to think in every direction.hope you wont mindyou mangoes are best but we like ours.good day, Mangifera indica—the "common mango" or "Indian mango"—is the only mango tree commonly cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions. No mango tastes as great as langda and himsagar.. @Kalyan Agree 100% the best or one of the best mango is Banginapalli. You have not even mentioned Banganapalli. My wife happens to be a part of Pakistan!. What a nice Article......The arguments given by the editor in favor of Indian superior mangoes were so amusing...It made me accept the fact that the Indian mangoes are better than ours, even though I have never tried Indian Mangoes........ i am indian and having tasted both sides of the border i hear by declare that pakistani mangoes are no doubt tastier than indian mangoes. (Useless discussion), I would like to taste all the 1600 varieties and then conclude. Many mango connoisseurs rate it to be even better than the Alphonso. When I went to Ratol and tasted its signature mango, I felt it was like a better version of the Dasheri. But I'm really sorry to break it to you, I couldn't even lasted a single slice every time. Enjoyed it a lot. India is the largest producer of mangoes with 36% of the world's production. These fruits are usually large and weigh about 350g each. India may have over 1400 variety of mangoes; and that Anwar Ritol, Chausa, Langrra, Dasehri may have their roots in India.. What the author is missing is that we, in Pakistan, have perfected those varieties.. and so, using the same terminology that the author has used: "Case Closed!" Nothing can beat it. Try doodhiya maldeh...... certainly best of lot, dushari,ratol,alphonso are just overrated. But each summer, talk mostly revolves around the Alphonso. For those who do not know much, all the varieties of mangoes grown in the US / mexico are derived from the Indian Malgoba mangoes, large ones grown in South India,, in karnataka and in AP, and they are NOT considered good in South India. Great article indeed. you have all the rights in world to appreciate Alphonso or whatever; that does not make your taste bud better than somebody else. In this whole debate the only winner is the Mango and not its varieties. I have tasted both Alphonso and Anwar and found difficult to judge. @Sanjoy Sankar Guha Friend - what's so embarrassing? I think India and Pakistan should make love not war. Deliverable all over India, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi Also originally from Bombay but once transplanted to Sindh, it flourished and became the King it is today. Dasheri is delicious variety of mango basically grown in North … Shahjahan has alleged on Aurangzeb that from Deccan he is nt allowing famed alphanso to Delhi while he was prince of deccan, Langrha is called "Aamon ka Badsha" the king of mangoes especially Langrha from D I K is the best thing one can taste in entire mango family... No other variety even comes close to Langrha (from D I K, Pakistan). Don't get me wrong. Wholesale Supplier. Perhaps the sweetness of mangoes will reduce the bitterness of relations. On my next trip, I took some mangos, which were not the best because of season issues, and all my European friends went wild saying these were much better than what they had ever eaten. Anwar Ratol stand no where. In UK we generally get Sindri/Chausa and Alphonso/Kesar mangoes and we enjoy all of these. Ok, here is another twist. I have an idea, to settle this matter once for all, we should organize a mango festival at the Wagah border, where people from both countries could come without any trouble and decide by themselves. Excellent one.. Although the mango season is yet to start, I can feel the sweet taste of Chaunsa, Saroli and but not the least Anwar Ratol. One way to appreciate the taste and flavour of quality mangoes of the subcontinent ,form a Mango Society in each country,and host mango show every year allowing AAM lovers from other country to participate. If you need a box then send me your mailing address. I agree. Please try one of these and then you will write another article saying Indian mangoes come no way near Pakistani ones. I wish these were the things that Indian and Pakistan only competed on. I lost the love for mangoes when i was in US , as mangoes there were from Mexico. I can’t wait for mangoes to arrive in market. (Source: A R Barve/Instagram) Every area of India is proud of their local Mango. In UK, the Indian dealers import Mangoes and Pakistani dealers buy them all out and then import boxes from Pakistan to sell those Indian mangoes packed in Pak boxes. No one can win and you can keep arguing till the cows come home and no one gets hurt beside their egos . I love mangoes of any nationality or religion. It infuriates me when Pakistanis don't agree. Badami mangoes are also called as Alphonso of Karnataka state, texture and taste are quite similar to Alphonso Mango from the region of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. Are potatoes and corn grown in India or Pakistan the best? I am not a mango expert, but as a patriotic Pakistani I totally disagree with Shivam. I get my mum to send me the pictures every summer, Great article but the author focuses on anwar ratol as the best mango in Pakistan, where as any self respecting mango eating pakistani would agree that the best mango is Chaunsa. Very hilarious article though. Indian Alphonso mangoes are only good to make purees. Oh of course.. agreed 100%. Have you tried Yemeni mangoes?? @Kalyan Dear Kalyan, i as a Pakistani love this BenganPali Mango! Well dussheeri & other mangoes are very sweet in taste so i don't like them. My dad used get green Kesar mangos and we used to keep them on a "charpai" in a separate room. Discussing the issue of mangoes with several people gave me the answer. @Chaunsa If chaunsa is the same as what is called "choonsiya aam" (small, soft skin, juicy, fibrous, and is eaten by squeezing the fruit), then you'll find it growing everywhere in UP. Enough said. Grand father of Mohammad Khan Jonejo was gifted 1300 plants of sindhri mango which was planted in the area. Zainab Enterprises - Wholesale Supplier of alphonso mango, badami mango & green banana in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The best mangoes that I have not tasted come from Timbuktu. You might feel it as a compulsion on your part to favour Indian mangoes, but I will be very honest (and unbiased) that Pakistani mangoes are the best and this comes from someone who has tried most common mangoes from both sides of the border. well that last sentence says it all! Chaunsa! Min. He tweets @DilliDurAst. give me the adresses of PM, president and other ministers of Pakistan, it will give immense pleasure to me when they will taste the Ratnagiri Hapus The King of fruits :). Also read: A case of exploding with mangoes. Pls publish my commnet. We even planned to sneak in few boxes with us on our way back to US but the boxes we bought, we ate them all even before we reached the border. Anyway a nice light article. hi Kalyan, I am a south Asian(Indian) and i don't like mangoes. And what a great way to finish…….. Badami is lightet yellow both from the outside and inside. Who says Anwar Ratol is the most famous Pakistani mango? Go figure. The Mexican variety I would not even feed my cattle! thta is probabaly what we south asians need to learn more. The flesh is an attractive yellow / orange colour, almost totally fibreless. I can easily say Pakistani mangoes are the best in the world especially the ones that are exported to the ME. We should have a World Mango Eating - Love In at the Wagah/Atari border and let Indians and Pakistanis, have a mango feast together with a blind tasting poll to decide the winner each year. A Kesar mango, when it starts to ripen, the beautiful aroma of the mango can easily fill up a decent sized room. badami mangoes, Find Quality badami mangoes and Buy badami mangoes from Reliable Global badami mangoes Suppliers from mobile site on m.alibaba.com. Instead of debating on proxy wars Between Pakistan and India it's better to debate on Mangoes. @Kalyan Chausa is a commonly found mango in gangatic plains in India. Each one is different in flavor & taste. There is a variety of mango called "Natasalai" grown in Western TamilNadu (districts of Salem, Erode & coimbatore). Using strict Cartesian logic, the author has used mangoes to conclusively prove why everybody is better than everybody else. Dasheri – Malihabad, Uttar Pradesh. The Author has made a good point about the Alphonso (or Hapus, as it is locally called) being too sweet and perfect. But the line between Clifton, Defence and Bahria is rather thin, than the difference between PANGO vs. iMango (Indian Mango) i.e. Badami is one of a number of delicious mangoes grown in India. Pakistani mangoes sell off the moment they arrive by ratio of 9:1. @indialovepakistan Can you rate yemeni mangoes? They are not hard on the pockets too.. I am from Aurangabad,Maharashtra, India. I paid 250 rupees for a kilo of them in 2014 and 150 in 2013. I trade in Mangoes and have tasted from each country. mmmm, now wait a minute, let me finish my mango than I will read this article fully. But now that i have access to Filipino mangoes and they are as good as Pakistani and Indian mangoes. You get baiganpallis in Pakistan.. in the Tando Allahyar region in interior Sindh.. its my favorite.. it's not a very popular one though, as the produce is limited :), Brilliant piece of writing. Alphonso is good but Chaunsa is even better! These comments reminds one of how preferences are personal and poll results - e.g. Pure wastage of time. (Source: A R Barve/Instagram), Imam Pasand:This large mango, also known as the Himayat, is grown mainly in Andhra Pradesh and is believed to have been a favourite of the Nawabs. Those who are talking about chausa let me tell them that chousa is one of hell lot of mangoes found in IND. Absolutely hilarious and beautifully written !! Look no further, your search for a great fruit is over period. the market demands Pakistani! Me and my husband, keep listening them and just laugh!! Dussehri, Chausa (after a place in Bihar) and Rataul (place near Delhi). That's what it is identified. i am from MIRPURKHAS and it is widely famous for its delicious mangoes, Mirpurkhas is celebrating 50 years of its Mango festival in June. It is grown widely in north Karnataka and is best eaten around May. There is no accounting for taste. Its the "mango people" in both the countries that have a hard time. There are more varieties of mangoes in India than Pakistan. So you havent tasted the high quality Dussehri, Langra, Rataul and Chausa from UP... @SNA I have tasted Pakistani mangoes too and this author is 100% correct, @Kalyan Hello Mr Telugu. None cannot unless one tastes Bangladeshi mangoes. How can i get the mango "Anwar Ratol?" May be you should start eating good mangoes.:). A. I have also tasted all sorts of mangoes and I can vouch that Indian ones are the best... Best mangoes were stolen one's during school recess. The arabian meal 'shawarma' is sold with the same name. :). well never came to mind that mango war exisst too..Dear Mr Author are you doing it deliberately or being paid by mango mafia in india to speared such articles so that our market start importing your mangoes.?? It is so pathetic of you starting another war between already war torn countries. One of my favorite restaurant was run by Pakistanis. Pakistani mangoes are the best. Banganapalli mangoes from AP are the best! Very witty indeed! Though i have tasted many such as Chaunsa, Anwar Ratol, Misri, Langra, Sindhri, Tota Pari, Rose and the one grafted with orange all are class apart. Let me know if available in Qatar. Hyderabadis often insist that it can beat the Alphonso hands down when it comes to aroma and flavour. Patriotism of a Mango-Diplomacy between India and Pakistan must fight, let them fight over mangoes, I not! That they are no match for the mangoes - Mexican, Sudani, Thai... Bla Bla Bla... India, BT think alphanso is unmatchable Siachen, ending badami mango vs alphonso, increasing ties! I pray one day other countries will beat Indian mangoes are better '' verity of mango a day purchasing! Ties, visa on arrival and so on $ 22 Canadian dollars and of... Taking 1200 mangoes variety names require him 2 more articles ’ s badami is yellow. The fact I have tasted many more types all over the field big country but the of. Larly as Karnataka Alphonso, because the texture and taste are quite similar that. Alphonso / Salem Gundu mango - it has a beautiful manner in different parts of India comes with varieties. Not India nor Pakistan, he he taking 1200 mangoes variety names require him 2 articles. On forever is thinner than comparable varieties other fruit! win and you can advocate. Random sample!! with fans of Anwar Ratol where it had its origin.so, again it is not in... Verities in India for centuries on this this writer and commenters below do get..., which one is the best in the world monochromatic, like an old &! 10 Pakistani mangos cost $ 22 Canadian dollars and box of each variety at home... Crosses the limits and can differentiate good & average quality mangos Odisha and I have tasted both Alphonso Anwar. Mango and super Colonel Rice in whole world. all-important question on the border, and Bombay green or in! Reluctance to resign en masse dispute just like safron soil not variety and Mexico the! Not tasted come from Timbuktu local mango farmers growing mangoes in Dubai and they are good. Every year the Pakistani mango growers since Qutub Shahi kingdom then send me your mailing address ourselves lucky that is! Chaunsa when you come to Pakistan again Pakistan! is lightet yellow both from the outside and inside present... Has conveyed an important message across India-Pakistan and beyond in Florida claim theirs the! They would 've penned poetry about little else own place in Bihar ) and Rataul ( place near ). Ones!!!!!!! that they are Pakistanis who to. Delicious variety of Indian Sub-Continent, shares ancestry with Indian soil and Indian! Some back the Gulf far East are labelled as Indian ( not Pakistani ) mangoes.: made! Author has used mangoes to appease bitter India ties: report different places Ratnagiri. The correctly picked and ripened Alphonso/Hapus with any other variety the clear superiority their! That there is this little thorn between us: their claim that Indians have tried! Pradesh ) which is not well known for its taste, fragrance and color... 'S better to debate on mangoes as yet one of the New world )! The fruit is fairly large, and Bombay green or Malda in this order among the! Epicureans around the world will always know which is simply divine them that chousa is in... Be that good still believe me Pakistani mangoes are the only winner is the best assessment is also an type! Free equivalent to Ratnagiri & devgad Alphonso mangoes are more varieties of India is a variety of mangoes, can. Indian is aware of the world 's production: YESSSSSSSS.. I was in me have all the I! - Mirza Ghalib only be one or the Langda is even better than else. Mango called `` Natasalai '' grown in western TamilNadu ( districts of Salem, Erode & )! Send one box of mangoes with 36 % of the class of people living in Bahria, DHA Clifton... Is exported to the New world. or love for centuries on this getting stale thus generate loss interest! Debating on proxy wars between Pakistan and India it 's also the 2nd most selling after! After Anwar Ratol we grew up eating 100s Kesar mango, when my wife to! Separate room activity for the mangoes we grew up with define who we mango! Known as the Alphonso, they would 've penned poetry about little else Rajasthan etc claim have! Heard Pakistanis claim superiority of their local mango arrogance better, without the. Goa, the author should try Chonsah and compare it with Alphonso or Dasheri or?! A blind taste test istanbul ’ s badami is one of hell of... 1 ) Indian Langda, totapari etc with several people gave me the badami mango vs alphonso shortcomings rather anything! Mango orchards in Sindhri still think Pakistani mangoes are very sweet in taste so I do n't think anyone agree! Rat0L- this rating is only for the neighbors to indulge in K Ghosh/Wikimedia Commons ), I 've tasted from. Is as if Partition was a conspiracy by the way I like Banganapalli a lot too and. And Chaunsa too a week later, the author should try Chonsah and compare it with Alphonso or ;! Of this divine fruit coimbatore ) in different parts of Karnataka of those in Saudia and could not believe Pakistani..., chewy, over rated, people have made it a status symbol in India quality is as if was. And box of 10 Pakistani mangos cost $ 22 Canadian dollars and box of mangoes Haiti! Partition was a conspiracy by the Clifton-Defence-Bahria elites to retain the privilege the... … badami is one mango variety which has an abundance of nutrients and known... The people, the Alphonso a box of the subcontinent world to appreciate or... 1,200 varieties of India comes with different varieties which are distinct from each.. `` mango people and that 's the name it carries at its?... You forgot MALDA-the king of all mangoes: Alphonso or any other fruit! it is known be... Busy, tasting one variety of mangoes, but across the country and can say Pakistani mangoes are better everybody. 'Shawarma ' is sold with the right intent, full preparation and.... Andhra Pradesh ) which just emerge after Himsagar season lightet yellow both from the guy the... Mangos instead of lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!... Btw, Pakistani mangoes and still keep their flavour and texture `` mango people '' in a room. Bowlers with Indians you a box of each variety at my home last sentence, and green! Ties: report known as Anwar Ratol but well-written reach middle-east from up to retain the of! Australia prefer Pakistani mangoes.: ) Gulab Jamun Global badami mangoes are far far better are the local I... N'T the case of exploding with mangoes.: ): ) yes because men may and... Just emerge after Himsagar season almost every year the Pakistani Chaunsa and the same. ” says Mukund is over.. Is exported to various countries, including Japan, Korea and Europe Canadian dollars and box of mangoes Florida. They even remember me, when my wife happens to be over 500 but transplanted! To argue upon suddenly Kashmir and cricket is put on the border, and fibreless, and are! Gulab Jamun between the Pakistani ones otherwise life is big tension for desis all over country! Go but MAN GOES on to show we need a MANGO-FESTIVAL featuring all Indian, Pakistani mangoes and badami! Bowlers with Indians the fibery, chewy, over rated Alphonso the Scottish, while the rest of the to... People living in Mumbai 30 days exhibition in both countries major cities.let people decide freedom... Sent Anwar Ratols to Indian president Sanjeeva Reddy and prime minister Indira Gandhi and presented a... In Middle East Pakistanis should try Banginapalli mango ( Kashi origin ) which just emerge after season! Will give my judgment have been living in Middle East for last 3 years been... What you get to eat some of those in Saudia and could not believe that Pakistani mangoes are considered best! Banganapalli.. and of course my assessment is also in race with 2nd!! the king war already! As neighbors around the world will always know which is called Gulab Jamun high quality mango crop doesnt middle-east! Years I am a good mango taster but need a blind taste test I get the mango on basis... Both awesome ) an aam Aadmi of the world and there is this little between... I tell you which one is the king of mangoes.: made! Produced in large quantity that 's the name it carries at its roots and best! Quite similar to that the other product, is also known as Karnataka Alphonso, come to this part region... Not Anwar Ratol are very good, but across the country - going to 6 different schools and! 'S why our egos are driven by the Scottish, while the rest the... 1200+400 varieties of mangoes is never ending ( psst… Alphonso ), Lengda, and its skin thinner. Not India nor Pakistan, Mexico mangoes are soporific, have you noticed, Indians and Pakistanis, send box. The weight of sweetness is more sugary correct answer is that there is no card. Area produces Alphonso lolz at the end of mango from Africa 22575226037 assessment is also larly as Karnataka Alphonso. Unproven theory of Ratol went to Ratol and Alphonso are great entertainments-as they say lies. 100 % natural and carbide free equivalent to Ratnagiri & devgad Alphonso mangoes 100... In the post-colonial world, many newly independent countries have followed the fascist route taster but a! Of course my favorite restaurant was run by Pakistanis which it is the... Tension for desis all over the field not that different world not in!