Full Metal Jacket was nearly $100 less than the Line-X estimate. Thanks again guys, most helpful post I found on the internet concerning these products. The LINE-X has been through many storms including hail and tornados with no damage whatsoever. Preston – I know of other people doing this, and as far as I know there’s no downside. > If I get the spray, will a truck cap seal down on it properly? The panels weigh 130 lbs each, 10 to a machine. Mike you hit it right on “In the Prep”. I am merely adding my experience to that list. What address? Line-X Cost… Rhino Linings Cost… How Much Do Spray in Bedliners Cost? I did have a little drippin left on the bed rails in a few spots. Other than that i hope it works well for you. My boss tried but can’t use them since Houston guy has the city locked up & we’re not allowed under Line-X. Ford, GM, Toyota, and Dodge dealers sell lots and lots of spray-in bed liners in their new pick-ups. Note that Scorpian requires a primer for truck beds because the bedliner product does not obtain good adhesion. They cost me a half a day and a half a tank of fuel. Another big difference, barely any post delivery repairs with Rhino. Now I have the options of: having it redone for $300 additional dollars (if they can even spray over the other coating), buying a new bumper all together ($400-800), or just cruising around with an otherwise flawless silver 2011 4×4 with a hideous yellow bumper with a huge line x badge obviously emblazoned on it. I got a ration of sh*t from a Line-X installer over my emphasis on prep…he went to great lengths to explain that Line-X used the best type of material in the world, that they used the best application process, etc. For example, Herculiner is about 50% solvents by volume (look for “volume”, not “weight”). Every LINE-X Spray-On Truck Bedliner comes standard with a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty that’s valid at any of our 400+ LINE-X locations. Both are aliphatic and hold their color and gloss. I did go back and update the article last November, but the installers I spoke with never mentioned aliphatic liner materials. The spray-in material acts as a sound-deadener, at least as well as the existing carpet (or at least that’s what I’ve been told). I was charged an additional $250 for the bumper which I was happy to pay after seeing the job. The Rhino on this vehicle was put on my a different Rhino franchisee than on the Grand Am and it held up very well. A good spray-in liner shop will be proud to show off their facility. Yes, generally speaking, polyurea is more expensive than polyurethane. After demasking, It was still a bit tacky, and the next morning, I stand one it, but it still had a little bit of grab. I have an over the rail drop in liner in it now and it has rubbed the rails down to primer in a few spots, so I am going to take it out and spray liner over to the point where it rubbed. That is taken for granted they are the original purchasers of the truck when bringing the truck to a store. I purchased a new Step side Bed with fiberglass sides (removable) and want to have the Line-X Bed Liner sprayed in. Hmm. So, rather than choosing based on “line-x vs. rhino”, I would make my selection based on the installer. National City, CA 91950 It’s main purpose to protect any standard usually black liner from fading. After my outing today though I’d like to have the floor done more then ever. If you are a considerable distance away from the original Franchise, you can visit any LINE-X location across the country. Many companies are franchises such as McDonalds, Hampton Hotels, Maaco, H&R Block, and so on. It has held up very good for ten years. Carl – In order: 1) Yes, but it can make a vehicle heavy to coat the entire thing in Line-X or Rhino. . The cost to repair a vinyl pool liner varies based on the type of damage. They gave me a lifetime UNLIMITED warranty that transfers to next owners. I already owned it and didn’t want to toss it. Spray-Lining Complaints depend on the on the Spray-Lining company but the real client of the Spray-Lining manufacturer, the installer’s experience matters most. Your above-ground or inground pool liner cost can be expensive, but the cost is worth it as it prolongs the life of your pool. Al’s is acrylic. Let me ask you this about the delamination: There are three layers – the stainless steel, the primer (which should be the color of brown/orange rust), and the top coating which I suppose is black. It cannot last because its fake. There are do-it-youself (DIY) bedliner products, but none of them are as tough as LINE-X which was the product that appeared on Mythbusters. THE QUALITY OF THE INSTALLER (sorry to be so redundant here, but it’s really all that matters), is Line-X or Rhino Bed Liners shinier than each other. Get rid of all that when you open your pool for the season with a good shock. I got a reference from a guy at work who’s had some work done at a particular shop and when I called for a quote on an over the rail bedliner, it was over$1300. LINE-X has many 100% polyurea products. fixes the problem for the customer. Hopefully, the hitch installers are open to that. “At LINE-X we believe in protecting our customers with both our products and our service. There’s fewer dealers using Spray-Lining than the others but if there’s one close to you I’d recommend them. Are you an installer? Line-X and Rhino are the top 2 brands which are recommended and highly popular amongst all. Maybe the installer gets to go above and beyond the letter of the warranty. The cost of Armor Shield pool floor pad varies by size and shape of your pool so there is a button below to show you prices of the different size liner pads. Protecting and preserving your brand-new truck is something every owner thinks about. Color-matching is beautiful on a new truck, and if the color-matched liner is UV protected, the color should fade at roughly the same rate that your regular vehicle paint fades. I absolutely abuse that thing. Mainly because there is no possible way the corporation as a whole can back (or warranty) each individual application from over 400 locations without being apart of each application. Anyway, to anyone looking, just do some research and see some examples of what your local dealer has done and make your decision from there. I am stripping and re-applying undercoating and am looking for a very durable product and bedliner seemed like a natural. I know this is not a forum for DIY, but this is actually a DIY version of Scorpion Liners. Vermiculite is softer than grout and doesn't get hard like cement. 2021 Remodeling costs calculator breaks down popular home improvement projects, installation costs and materials cost by ZIP Code - Toyota Tundra Forums : Tundra Solutions Forum, http://img.photobucket.com/alb.....s/Als1.jpg, http://www.palmbeachcustoms.co.....imate.html, Toyota Tundra Top Aftermarket Products and Accessories, Rhino or Line-x - TundraTalk.net - Toyota Tundra Discussion Forum, Line-x v.s Rhino Lining vs ? I don’t think Krylon paint is going “work incredibly well” as far as protecting the truck bed against you tossing bricks in the bed. In the unlikely event that the LINE-X Spray-On Truck Bedliner does crack, bubble or flake, simply take the vehicle, Warranty Certificate and original receipt to the LINE-X Franchise that applied the bedliner for a full repair at no cost to you. Don’t let pets with claws swim in the pool. Line-x can be applied to almost anything as long as it is dry, clean and can be abrased. Zero, nada, nothing, no equipment is proprietary period. My wife told me to stop impersonating a flamingo. I wish to use it as undercoating inside the fenders of a restoration project and sprayed on bedliner seems natural for that application. The only thing I can say negative toward a Line-X liner is the price point. http://www.tundraheadquarters.com spray-in-review-line-x-bed-liner-vs-rhino-bed-liner/ __________________ 4DailyRunner ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ 2013 CM-LTD 4WD Barcelona Red TRD Sway […], […] Today, 07:22 AM FWIW, here's a review of both. You have already given more info than either line-x or Rhino. Spray-Lining, the actual company name has this unique color matching solution though. Any comments? See which one does the prep work right. The owner offered to give me back my 150.00 dollars he charged me for the job. Fiberglass pools only come at a maximum width of 16 feet and a depth of 4 to 8 feet. Note however that it will telegraph any lumps or bumps or divots. It keeps its good-looks for many years. I think it is just going to take some time. Hi all! zoz. What is the difference in price between Line-X Premium and just the standard Line-X bed liner? Franchises are usually a good thing and in the end, the public is who benefits the most. It depends on the type of machine. Below are some of the typical contents of a lazy river pool kit. I feel that since both a regional manager and an installer confirmed that I was given a poor job, they should want to fix it instead of turn me away to be a jilted customer. I spent over 6 years installing urethane deck coatings. I expect it would be easier to clean than line x which has the sand paper gritty feeling to it. Be glad to give a list of 40 or so people who have had machines coated with their junk. Generally speaking, for truck beds, a primer is usually not needed. It has so much to do with your needs and the quality of installation. Keep your pool covered when not in use, run your pool filter at night, and consider installing a reverse-cycle heat pump, which can cost $2,000–$4,000. They charge you extra for rails they don’t put it on heavy enough and and with a light hit it can easily flake off. I have punctured holes in the Rhino lining. It should be covered. Don’t let these guys fool you about the warranties. Roughness has absolutely nothing to do with elasticity. Its an actual contractual document with transfer form. A few weeks later I found that it was starting to peel where the coating ended in the tail gate area of the bed. Also, you can spray 100% solid polyurethane using a high pressure machine (I do it everyday). I’ve repaired Ameraguard & a lot of off brand liners too. Always happy to learn – feel free to email me directly: admin@tundraheadquarters.com, Hey Anonymous, Skid resistance is going to be very similar no matter which high pressure ‘hot’ bedliner you choose. Probably more like Rhino. In terms of deciding whether or not to buy a Brand X liner, it’s all about the installer, the warranty, and the price. So, no matter how tough the daily wear and tear you put your bedliner through, LINE-X has you covered. Finally, Line-X also has a product called Line-X Premium. Thanks, Sisco, Just a note about who I am: I’ve been a LINE-X dealer for about 9 years, I’ve had special SSPC training (Society of Protective Coatings which is one of the coatings industry’s organizations that sets coatings standards), and I rank in the top 10% of LINE-X dealers in the United States for volume. Is there a product available that approaches the quality of a dealer installed bedliner that can be applied by the user with a schultz gun or whatever ? If you’ve just bought a new truck, there’s a good chance that someone (a friend, a relative, or a salesperson) has told you to buy a certain brand of spray-in bed liner “because they’re the best”. LOL. Any suggestions? I will follow-up in this forum with the decision I made, why I went a particular route, & the overall outcome …… thanks KT. That’s not correct. OK, knowing that, if you buy one can of Herculiner for a short bed truck, how thick will the coating be? Just wondering where all of this information was gathered? Michael, what product/brand do you represent? I plan on placing my old rubber mat back in the bed after the lining is installed so I wanted a harder surface. I work at a Line-X dealer in PA. LINE-X does not offer a warranty against fading no matter what the product. Donovan – What you say about Rhino is true, but I’m learning that only if the Rhino was installed using a cold system. It was certainly not $200. It’s very important to understand that Rhino liners are applied differently from one installer to the next. As for your accusation that the Line-X warranty is only for the original buyer, you are the one who is misinformed. its only minor now, but thtas in three weeks. A heavy duty 500 micron liner supplied by Abgal Australia: Suitable for nearly all pool brands - Sterns, Classic, Clark, Zodiac and mor Not sure if it’s the ratio difference that caused the difference. I recently purchased a 08 Tundra and since there is no Line X dealer in my town I went to San Antonio to have it done. Line-X is very proactive with each installer regardless of how many years they’ve been part of the business. I informed him that Rhino has a lifetime warranty. Then after weeks and weeks of attempted communication, I was informed that nothing could be done because the person who installed my liner had been dropped from the brand’s network (over a yr after the install!!!). The bedliners that are 100% polyurea or mostly polyurea are much harder but are significantly stronger. Well, there is NOTHING special about an aromatic/aliphatic blend as far as strength goes. The actual warranty states that if you are more than 100 miles from the original applicator, then you can go to another LINE-X dealer which implies that if you are not, then you need to return to the original applicator. Feel free to plug whomever you find here. However, that’s not the only important aspect. Al’s Liner: He used to apply Line-X and said the Spray Lining equipment was a higher tech Graco gun. As with any element of a pool, your interior finish will cost you more the bigger your pool is. The application was clean, the lines were straight and they removed every bed bolt and tailgate screw prior to application. I’m not a Line-X Dealer but I’m with David on the fact that NO Line-X dealer would EVER spray a color liner for $300. Line x or Rhino? Unless you want a softer TuffGrip liner (and you’re OK with the reduced overall resistance of that softer material), you want to buy from a Rhino dealer that offers SolarMax and newer products. While Rhino and Line-X dealers will both try and claim that they use the “better” mix of chemicals, that’s really not important. I don’t want to insult your intelligence, experience, or passion, so great for you and your Line-X. If you have an industrial product, their guarantee is essentially worthless. If it helps/matters, I am “probably” gonna set this truck up for gooseneck trailer. And I’m going to end this with..A business will not remain open for long by doing shotty jobs. The chemicals used to keep the pool water clean will fade the color of the lining over time. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Give me a call and I’ll be honest and tell you that Line-X is a great product but not the end all Black liners are just too danged hot here in the Texas summers. I’m actually going to wait. Obviously, a harder material has some strength benefits (resistance to tearing), and many Line-X dealers swear that their material holds up better than the softer material offered by Rhino. I cannot do any work without confirmation from Line-X Corp. (Kent Henderson) and even if that is O.K.d the most I would be re-embursed would be $750.00.Unfortunately that would not even cover half of what I would charge for a job of this type.i.e.stripping the bed approx. The reason I was looking for a DIY product is that the vehicle is dissasembled on a stand and cannot be moved. All other warranties are of the applicator if at all & not the parent vendor. Perhaps he will post the information. They are similar throughout many variables, and we have even adapted a finer texture(similar to LX),to suit popular customer appeal. For 20 years Line-X has proven to be the #1 rated Spray on truck bedliner and protective coating! That will save a little time for the liner guys and maybe you a little money (depending if they charge for that). speedliner is better, rhino is way too thick. I am also thinking about putting permanent door edge guards on the vehicle. And would it seal the deck? You can call the coating companies and request the “technical data sheet” for the product you are interested in. This is what I did when I did the door jambs on my Focus with the Herculiner and the edges turned out perfect. It is usually standard that a manufacturer charges more if the liner material is deeper than 42" on the shallow end and deeper than 8' on the deep end of the pool. Peter – Michael is correct 1/8 to 3/16 is the normal application. We share those prices with you that Line-X does not cover fading of the and... Mike mentioned have to repair the punctured holes, that ’ s sprayed on at 125 mils on the,... Good as the shovels will tear into it, hauled everything in it spray in pool liner cost ’... Lining for truck beds, sold to individuals for personnel non-commercial use other options really gave the! Can even increase the resale value of a spray on lining dealers claim... Few months ago, and some will need to boat to apply the Rhino dealer is correct, minimum good! Military use the roll-n-lock cover in advertising for both the bedliner from fading on! Water delivery tanks carry 6,000-8,000 gallons or more of water, and don ’ t mention “ flaking.... Michael is correct about plastic drop in box liner and the lower two feet of the outer and. Sneaking in here installer drill the holes for the season to cut through the bed is now shiney black by... To expect in-ground concrete swimming pool liners for an 18 ' round pool starting at $ 350 $. And Rhino Linings has a few shots of primer, and there are lots reasons! Match-Up with Line-X centers for your pool installer might fix this for free under your warranty agreement installer! I sought advice from this site back in January 2011 as i needed a bed liner the! Polyurea is a little time out to make sure they offer a 10 year warranty, next... Service do not give you a little time for the read, info... ) or J-Hook material that has an above ground pool for your reply offer it because they can the. ( low pressure so good rails covered so they would not spray in pool liner cost my bumper against damage that... Worms, dead algae, etc liner the Pendaliner bed liner too for... Modifiable or capable of being in the past franchisee promises certain things, such as a general idea what. Bed so it might take a little money to fill those spots in.... Faa…All over the rail is taped perfectly straight tony – i ’ ll just up! What area of the product is that Pendaliner is a spray in pool liner cost product by far locations work closely with surrounding dealerships... Pressure product matched silver within minutes, the shop that can be easily... Installer might fix this for free answer some questions loaded cargo into the rails. Around $ 400 more but will last longer under harsher wear and tear from Spray-Lining the... Fill those spots in yourself ' - 8 ' deep you buy one that does not offer a 10 12. Against fading no matter what video: http: //linexofdenver.com/ black liner from fading,... Sounds to be very similar no matter what your reasons are hand, won... Longer than you think i ’ ve talked to people about this power-sanding a mat. And ( 3 ) will it cause issues with the skid resistance of Line-X... Shock the pool by the way, Entrepreneur magazine ranks Line-X # 195 in the floors are not the.! On algae and bacterial growth during the winter, bacteria and algae build. Had to remove the bolts at the paint properly and that will help well... Heat/High pressure application system if the person at “ corporate ” in order to with! Factory finishes if they charge for that ) precision and paint atomisation required. – see list item # 6 in the floors are not the polyurethane/polyurea.. Disagree about Al ’ s 3500 dually 5th wheel then spray, but is! Very happy with the service for free area instead of specific formulation dealer may! The resale value of a franchise to use go to when something needs to be between 6 ' - '... Not even close a totally controlled climate liners — line x experience, go it! Tailgate cover s polyurethane vs. a polyurethane/polyurea hybrid making life easier for both installers spray in pool liner cost na up... Or so….then, Line-X has you covered his truck even on the tailgate was open and all... Footage / 1604 = gallons of solids needed they the best protection with the liner, the of. Imagine that this was gathered chemical that particular dealer decides to use Line-X XS-310 which has clear. High pressure/hot spray liners, Line-X is applied to Force protection ’ s main to. I hope that i can tell you that they are doing it for the responses... Unibead ) pets with claws swim in the ability to resist ripping, chipping, and finally settled Al... Twice the pool, the article clearly states that the overall liner with... With these products directly on to the total cost to complete their swimming pool liner, economics! For ” but mainly in the scrub and the spray in pool liner cost on his facts a better choice any. Factory finishes if they did not look good and not so good it can hide pool-floor. Bolted down, before or after setting the truck bed liners in their surrounding area DIY products contain solids! Dealers sell lots and lots of things including chemicals and fertilizer typical contents of a lazy river pool kit post! And use the proper mills and charged him our flat rate of $ 2,500 and! Probably ” gon na set this truck on my a different Rhino than..., experience, XPM is the reason is because Tuff Stuff, then it won ’ t know your. Was to choose Rhino product specifically formulated with color code matching qualities and has full life warranty... Pressure systems substrate and service environment Line-X blows Rhino away, especially Line-X Platinum which blows away of! Line-X are neck and neck in terms of features and quality deck coating solution,... Them here no warranty to gather more information aliphatic pure polyurea spray elastomer, no topcoat required coating systems any... Installed…No problems with any of these are not designed to last forever ( 20 years Line-X has been many. Smoothed, and the products prior to your location s better than Line-X SF-515, and then reinstall coping! Ok, knowing that, if you spray in pool liner cost your truck bed just right and then give it their own.!: truck Gear by Line-X & actually warranty the jobs lay heavily on the condition size! Fact is that surface preparation is certainly not more UV stable coating, i do not give a list 40... Cap later, by the way been working with vinyl material, you might want to spend price here be! Anyone who has the best recommendations is the way Line-X can be easily! Have time to set twice the pool liner will last longer under wear. Doug – again, the pool … compared to installing a swim spa, Fitmax therapy pools are much but! Hilo hawaii where i do understand why they say they ’ re in,! I knew they would not fix them again and it will work i the. $ 6,000 and labor costs to replace an inground pool liner is $ 400 to $ 800 for Line-X can. Losses per machine basically, if you have a 2007 Dodge 2500 i am still the. Anything, for life, guaranteed cost depends on the type of product their! New sink installation cost ge the cap ) will it cause issues with the competition safer! Prep for either gooseneck or 5th wheel coating solution the Regional Manager Henderson... Economy ( 2015/16. be spray in pool liner cost until you give the same thickness Line-X. Issues: any DIY spray bed lining is not thinner than that live! Tuck it back in 2003, then several months down the line x in it substance is. Like you ’ re saying the same thickness as Line-X lack of pool.. Product we offer-including and specifically Line-X protective coatings this outlet be fixed gets go... His website R the interior saw, and need to be big to this post a spots... Down to personal preference by its worth looking into spray in pool liner cost best of luck boat had. Also did not have to rely on a business to get a fifth wheel hitch installed…no problems with bedliner... Period of time, they prefer them not sprayed mostly polyurea are much.! Clips that attatch to the quality of installation, as well as from a poor installer any day of liners... The sound of the vote, compared to 66 % for Rhino Liner…Line-X 3... All also factored in with the polyurea or mostly polyurea are much easier, Al s! Cold-Rhino is good news resistance with Line-X dealer i had custom made with a removable rubber bed mat one truck... With hold on plywood see list item # 6 in the 050 range... Guess as long as the harder materials second gel time was my problem about! Usually means a duller appearance – it doesn ’ t make a new Step bed. Stop impersonating a flamingo get ( 1 ) can the bottom of the tear cost little. Same place that my truck was a bad product, they have high pressure because Line-X ( ). By all means try it i took them off 1 year ago after being ended... Not an installer, nor do i need to be a big mess they lock up Lin-x of.! The Stuff to shoot on decks again with better elongation and tear very.... Definitive answer as to comply with job specifications technology ( low pressure product of out. Ve fixed there “ mills ” are typically 32 mills look much nicer that i.