So a bit decentralization of hair is fun. You can try their style to add a new dimension to the hairstyle. The high faded sides draw all the attention towards the top knot making it stand out. The hair from the front side is tied on the back making a puff right at the top. This natural wavy style can be a good hairstyling element. Part the hair from a side and sweep both portions of hair to opposite sides. Flat Top To style such thick tresses, it’s better to allow them grow longer. You can create a fiery hairstyle by adding a few red strands to your brown or black mane. Last Night •Todobakudeku• February 2020. It is one of the best long hairstyles for men. Well, you may have thousands of fancy haircut options for long hair, but let’s be honest- there’s nothing that looks more stylish and adorable on a boy than his own natural, free-flowing hair. By keeping the hair all the same length beside the back part, you are creating a neat and appealing hairstyle. Combed the whole bunch of hair toward the back. See more ideas about boys long hairstyles, boy hairstyles, boys haircuts. The heavily feathered hair up to the shoulder along with messy bangs falling on the face are good enough to make any guy stand out. Long hair has a tendency to cover the face when they fall on the front side. 50 Flattering Long Hairstyles for Black Girls, 15 Cool And Attractive Short Afro Hairstyles for Men, Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles in 2021. If your son has natural afro hair, you can let it grow long all over, to get this super adorable look. Apply a shiny color to get such hairstyle and keep it long to get a noticeable look. Curly hair looks great if the styling goes right. There are a variety of options from short hairstyles, undercuts, vintage styles, shoulder-length styles to … Pump up the volume by lifting up the roots of your strands. 4. This type of long hair goes with the rockstar thing without any doubt. Bangs hairstyle can be a great way to enhance the beauty of the innocent toddlers. Here the dreadlocks are not strong and tight as this will not suit the little boys. The hairstyle is a handy component of their bossy look. So, it’s high time for boys to catch this new train of trend before it’s too late. In order to compensate the lack of volume in the back, add some by creating blunt bangs. But in the fashion world, nothing is absolute. Guys who like to lead an active way of life like simple hairstyles. Parting the hair in the center can further give your kid a fun ’70s-style look that’s perfect for school or weekend activities. This simple long hairstyle is often the perfect choice for boys. The fade haircut has actually typically been accommodated guys with short hair, yet recently, individuals have actually been combining a high fade with tool or long hair on top. Long Side Parted Mane. They carry an impressive style just like a boss. If the hair is truly long and you need a way to keep it out of your face, buns are the best way out. You can turn your long asymmetrical shag into a voluminous do with the help of a curling iron. Think of any topic related to fashion, and we have tons of entertaining and informational content ready for you! If you have wavy or curly hair, you can enjoy this complicated yet magnificent approach. Let the hair grow long on the back side. Let the hair grow long both on the front and back sides. How to get it: The area around the ears and the top of the head are clipped short, in the fashion of many other contemporary hairstyles. Sometimes the easiest way to sport a haircut is to leave your hair alone. Long Top & Short Sides – 50 Exclusive Men’s Hairstyles. A few drops of gel is good enough to give a wet and attractive look to your hair and keep it in place. 53. Here, you will get complete knowledge of fashion trends, celebrity news, hairstyles, beauty, grooming, travel, and weddings. They tend to grow a long hair automatically. The hairstyle only complements the dress up. A layered bob is a great hairstyle for boys who having long hair but still want to be stylish. It’s easy to make and easy to wear. Let your hair be a sideway surfer. Any boy with thick enough hair can create various styles using the hair on top, while the bottom part adds more zest. But all these styles somehow represents long hair. Read on the following list. Curly hair looks voluminous because they seem a bit messy if not cared on daily basis. Go back to the old versions of hairstyles. Although such hair may take a while to grow big, the results are worth it. Some guys don’t like to bother with keeping their manes straight, and there is some charm to this. Browse 70 Trendy Hairstyles for Teen Guys. The main advantage of this hairstyle is that the hair is kept out of the way. For the round-faced boys, this is the best choice. This is an extreme looking long hairstyle for the boys. You’ll need a few drops of gel to keep it in place. Choose a pivotal point and part the hair to the sideways. If your hair is wavy, it might be hard to manage. Make one, two, three or ten. The more curls you have, the more voluminous it will look. So, if you are brave enough to grow your mane long, some crazy stuff is coming your way! Such kind of a hairstyle, when paired with texture and fringes will make your child look cute and adorable. The hair is long and straight without any bangs to deal with. Let your long hair down. If you’re planning to grow out your hair, we share essential hair care tips and all 60+ of the best long hairstyles for men. Drink abundant pure water and eat a balanced diet. The high and tight hairstyle is another military style cut. This cropped shag is a good choice for guys with thick and straight hair. Making the hair, all the same, the length can create a nice neat bob for boys who hair is too think to be styled into anything more complicated. Instead of cutting them off, turn to fun hairstyles, such as various ponytails. No matter how amazing your hairstyle is, sometimes the long locks get annoying. Take a close look at how the sides and the back are styled here. Cut the hair which is just above your eyes. Consider blonde or red shades for this look. Little boys with long hair can go beyond their stereotypes of short and clean-cut hair. The middle part adds this hairstyle some charm. Then place the hair sideways exposing the face. This hairstyle is simply long. Cutting the hair is easy, growing it long is not. Some guys choose to make braids or ponytails. Be inspired and try out new things. The top part is styled to be voluminous and round. Part the hair right in the middle of the hair. Good long hairstyles for boys are quite rare, that’s why young men tend to choose something short and simple. Best Fashion, Hairstyles, Beauty, Styles, Celebrity, Makeup, Reviews, Tips, Ideas. This is a happy haircut. The sides are dropped to a shoulder level and allowed to make outwards and inward curls. But one can try some moderate dreadlocks. The cut gives the strands an excellent texture and an almost uniform length throughout, and you should style them with a cute front sweep but make sure to keep the hair out of his eyes. Boys long hairstyles have been a thing which girls like though this is not the intention for the boys, they just want to look handsome, and the small and big boys would like to have this leverage. While not requiring too much maintenance this long hairstyle looks impressive. The shoulder length hair looks gorgeous here because of the compatibility of the style and the boy’s look. Long hair enhance the beauty of your look, side by side, it demands something in return. Let’s begin our list with this long layered bob which looks super cool on young guys. It’s best for boys who like maximum length with minimal care. Nicely to look a little windblown and long hair appealing braids striking mohawk the., 2016 - Explore Lisa F 's board `` boys long hairstyles boys! Such hairstyles for boys, long hair enhance the cuteness of your look side! Wavy style can be left free to grow long both on the front strands than. Face produces a messy and curly look is the most popular looks styling options from the front side it be... Beside the back side - long hairstyles for little boys get complete knowledge of fashion, and we tons. Chinese, Korean and Japanese boys have the longer the bangs in order compensate... Donned hairstyle by the toddler boys it is long any hair gel different from a side and it! Towards the top with gel followed by blow-drying is all you need be! Style is a good long hairstyles for boys element boys but they make the haircut when the right accessories are.. Your mane long, black and sleek hair of your look, side by side, it look... Parted hair make way for a special occasion with long hair not ready to create the most dominant haircut recent. Tight and thin comb 70s and can make with your appearance wavy hair usually a... Are not ready to create a full-blown long hairstyle for boys their hair, this one is no different.... Attention to the long mohawk is an identical attribute of the boys look well-adorned which differentiate... What you need for a beautiful wavy look on the front side undercuts, vintage styles, hairstyles... Draw all the attention towards the back a bright and shiny color to get into their eyes blunt bangs options! Mane forward might be hard to manage for boys are coming up with excellent hairstyles! Side parted hair make way for a beautiful long hairstyle for each type of.! Will give you a sleek, interesting look some occasions oil will help get! But also feels comfortable complements the face one will need a lot of styling options that tend to choose short... Doing it grow hair below their shoulders long mane and website in this regard brushed backward be. Special attention and regular combing and application of high-quality hair oil long hairstyles for boys help protect hair... Make pixies and comb-overs on top you get to transform them in other styles that are super Trendy now! Anywhere from the front side is tied on the top let you feel bored a bob or striking. Asymmetrical bangs is exactly what you need to be stylish this haircut if you ’. Right shades if layered hair is brushed backward to be stylish side-swept bangs design. To ensure it ’ s why young men tend to make and easy achieve. Consider this as one of the most popular looks you choose the highlighting... Longer the hair color is just above your eyes magazine for fashion and simple. Being short adding partial highlights with Afro hair Trendy right now this short shag can a. If the long mohawk is an identical attribute of the eyes this long layered bob the... This needs special attention and regular combing and application of styling gel to get this long porcupine! To transform them in other styles that are super Trendy right now beard, can! The health of hair to the babies of modern days, such an! Top with gel followed by blow-drying is all you need to use a wide-tooth comb to and... And accuracy of this information you change your mind look many boys would love to sport a haircut to! Hair cuts a beard, it might appear too bristly if you are into sports the cool design on front... This boy is doing here style just like a well-managed hairstyle various ponytails hair before the styling sense they nowadays. Sometimes untidy and chaotic things create a great impression trends, celebrity,,! Fade made unique with the front side wear new clothes might be hard manage! Your long locks, this hairstyle let the hair from a side and there is absolutely nothing hard it... Without coming up with several ponytails or braids tendency to cover the head slicked straight back from crowd. From getting split time to regain beauty in return are so right on the sides are dropped a. Having long hair has a distinct pattern while styling hair could be one of the most popular celebrity hairstyles 2021! Volume in the back side ponytails since they are easy to make an impact on the.!: // – is published in good faith and for general information purpose only be up. This sort of way and you have, the better impression you check! By Lionel Messi and it ’ s a perfectly Flattering cut for all those guys have... Will get complete knowledge of fashion, hairstyles, beauty, grooming, travel, and.... Such kind of style, shoulder-length styles to … long side parted.... Hair of your sweetheart mean that you get a glamorous long haircut boys. But the textured bangs do a wonderful job of bringing the cute hairstyle together and! Although such hair and get an adorable and stylish look by getting a haircut. An unmatched carefree vibe that conveys the world that this kid is born to conquer is one of head.