The tunic was the garb of penitents, those employed by God to weep and pray for the sins of themselves and the world. The white mantle worn by Carmelites is an extension of the mantle of Mary where she protects and hides souls that have recourse to Her. Carmelites should be prompt in carrying out the Lord’s work, give themselves to work of some kind, and never be idle. “But the hand of the LORD was on Elijah. It can be said that the scapular was the least important garment of the habit, a garment of work, a garment of a slave. The early Christian monk John Cassian said that a religious habit should be removed from the world’s fashions so to prevent vanity and pride and simple enough to be able to be shared as common property. The word “discalced” actually means “barefooted” or “shoeless.” Although originally the Discalced Fathers did not wear shoes and went about barefoot, St. Teresa of Jesus moderated their austerity by urging them to wear poor sandals. ... in case of wear and tear. The mantle is the white cloak worn above the habit, and it represents purity of mind and heart. The Capuce. In addition to these understandings of the habit, the Carmelites have an understanding, special to our charism, which is deeply rooted in our relationship with Elijah, Mary, and the Rule of St. Albert. Their official title is, "The Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel." Choir Monks | Lay Brothers The habit of the Carmelite monk is made of durable brown wool as woven after the manner St. Teresa of Jesus first taught her daughters. Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for (var i=1; i